Luther-Decade - Annual Theme 2016

Reformation - One World

The "last" year prior to the great anniversary of Luther's Reformation was launched on Reformation Day with an opening ceremony in the French city of Strasbourg and with a televised service in the city's Church of St. Thomas. The final theme year focuses on the global dimension of the Reformation. Albeit Martin Luther posted his theses to the All Saints' Church door, the Reformation of the Christian Faith as a consequence thereof did not remain a local event. Decisive impulses proceeded from Wittenberg. However, in other cities and parts of Europe, there had been likewise reformatory movements based on ideas and accomplishments of humanism. Significant persons in this contexts were Huldrych Zwingli in Zurich, Johannes Calvin in Geneva, Luther's former student Mikael Agricola in Finland and Jan Hus in today's Czech Republic who, like many others exemplify the universal nature of Reformation.

More than 400 million protestants worldwide are bound together by the events of the Reformation which not only revolutionised spiritual life, but also provided the impetus for wide-ranging social and political developments. The separation of church and state as well as the emergence of civil rights independent of faith, sex and nationality can be considered as consequences of the reformation. In preparation for the anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, which will be celebrated by believers from all around the world, there will be numerous events at related cities and venues. Interconnected by various means, the year before the grand finale of the Luther-decade is dedicated to this special world of ours.

Event tips 2016 at Wittenberg in celebration of the Luther-decade

  • 01 - 07 August
    Educational Offer: A solid bench(?) is our Luther! Oder eher: "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"

  • 23 - 25 September
    Luther perception in the 20th and 21st century hermeneutic perspectives
    Conference at the Leucorea

Luther-Hotel Wittenberg