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We are conscious consumer

Climate change shows that an unchecked consumption of resources has consequences. 300 years ago, Hans Carl von Carlowitz formulated the conceptual understanding of sustainability in forestry that only as much wood should be felled as could grow back through planned afforestation, sowing and planting. This definition can be applied to many areas; if we do not act sustainably, we saw off - to use this image - the branch on which we humans sit. As a hotel in Christian sponsorship, we feel particularly committed to the preservation of creation. The former director of the Berlin City Mission, Hans-Georg Filker, replied to the question what sustainability means in our area: "Dealing seriously with the resources entrusted to us. The greatest waste is thoughtlessness. It is necessary to keep on looking closely at what guests, staff and neighbours really need". This identifies the three dimensions of sustainability; this is our guideline.




A towel change only every 2-3 days

  No daily room cleaning

  Switching off light and television
     when leaving the room

✔  Turning down the heating during ventilation
    or when you are leaving the room


Sustainability in the hotel

hotel building

The hotel building is not only about the building envelope and outside facilities, but about the entire technical infrastructure including heating, air conditioning, water supply, lighting, refrigeration systems and entertainment electronics. The question of resource consumption comes first.

hotel operation

This concerns the processes in housekeeping, kitchen and restaurant, but also in management and sales, as well as cross-departmental processes that affect hotel operations as a whole. This also includes, for example, the perception of social responsibility - towards guests, employees and society.

Our contribution to sustainability

Measures in the hotel building

building's envelope
The façade was constructed in a thickness of
   10cm insulated


Monitoring of the heating system
Regular maintenance
Observance of prescribed emission values
Reduction of the maximum output
    from 520 to 440 kW
Limitation of maximum temperature

air conditioning
Central ventilation system controls operation
Only 4 event rooms are air-conditioned,
    for the hotel rooms are at
    Ventilators required

Windows and lamps are cleaned regularly
In certain areas, the
    Lighting dimmable
The lighting was largely
    reduced to 20 watts

In the entire house are basically
    Energy saving lamps used
With the conversion to LED lamps was started


 water supply
The shower heads are equipped with
    Cost-saving fittings replaced

In the faucets were sieves
    replaced by perlators

refrigeration units
The cooling technology in the kitchen has new,
    efficient aggregates are maintained

The minibars are equipped with
    low energy consumption

entertainment electronics
Elimination of unnecessary equipment
devices are used instead of the
    Stand-by mode switched off
TV sets are controlled by devices with
    lower consumption

Measures in hotel operation

We let our guests decide for themselves,
    of their towels are changed daily

Our guests decide for themselves if their
    room will be cleaned daily
We pay attention to an economical
    use of cleaning agents

No use of urinal balls,
    Cistern stones and drain cleaners

Cleaning is carried out almost exclusively with our
    own personnel who work according to clearly
    defined Criteria work
We usually produce liquid soap & shower gel in
    Dispensers available

kitchen and restaurant
Beverage & food planning is based on
    regional, seasonal and fair products
Main use of fresh food
Use of a new, efficient rinsing section
Optimized cooling technology
Use of Merhweg- and glass bottles
Reduction of disposable packaging,
    plastic containers etc.
Avoidance of leftovers
Optimization of food use

Cross-departmental processes
Efforts to avoid waste
Reduction of computer printouts
Increased work with digital files
Commissioning of tradesmen and suppliers
    from our region (if possible)
Use of purchasing cooperations (HKD),
    where the protection of our environment
    high value enjoys

Our hotel is centrally located and can therefore
    explore the city centre on foot

We provide rental bicycles for exploration
    Wittenberg and surrounding area

....THANK YOU for participating!

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