Group Tours in Saxony Anhalt

Lutherstadt Wittenberg - ideal destination for group travelers

Ideal for travel groups, parishes, church groups, home groups or clubs! The Reformation city
Wittenberg allures in every season. The Old Town presents itself full of sights that are spiked
with history and historical beauty. Church groups walk in the footsteps of the spirit of the
Reformation. Not only Martin Luther, but also his companions left their impressive traces
here. Stroll from the Luther House to the Castle Church with the Thesis Door, past the
Melanchthon House, the City Church and the Bugenhagen house. Linger in the shade of the
Luther oak, visit the Cranach houses and yards.
In addition, the environment of Lutherstadt Wittenberg offers a variety of destinations for
group travelling. While on a trip to the Elbe or the Garden Kingdom Dessau Wörlitz, one can
only admire God's creation. At the Luther Hotel, a prayer room is available for the
contemplative hours of your trip as well as several event rooms, which can be used

Because the region offers many possibilities, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and its surroundings are
best discovered without time pressure. Walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther and his
companions. Experience the environment of Lutherstadt and enjoy being together in your

You will learn about the origins of Wittenberg as a city of the
Reformation. You will be able to gain impressions that you will carry back to your churches
and communities. On your trip to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, you and your travel group will not
only gain interesting insights into the spirituality of former times and today. You will return to
the foundations of the Reformation and the origin of the Protestant Christian faith.

Impressions of Wittenberg and its surroundings

Statues of Martin Luther
"Rischebach" at Lutherstadt-Wittenberg
View over Wittenberg
the Elbe river
Courtyard of Lucas Cranach
All Saints' Church Wittenberg also known as "Schlosskirche"
Wörlitz Garden Realm
Wörlitz Garden Realm

Luthers Meal

"Eat what's cooked, drink what's clear, talk what's true." - Martin Luther

We serve your travel group a rustic table buffet, just like in Luther's day:

Wittenberger potato soup

Fresh off the board:

Smoked pork back,
Onion liver,
Air-dried smoked sausage,
Smoked cheese, Kesselwurst,
Bratwurst, aspic

Salads and side dishes:
Beetroot, cucumber, tomato,
Celery, pickled gherkins,
lard, butter, mustard, farmer's bread

Rice pudding with sour cherries,
Apple slices with broth

25,- € p.P.
incl. a small Luther beer

*can also be booked as table buffet for 10 persons or more

For questions or booking by phone:

Phone +49 3491 458-0

Luther-Hotel Wittenberg