Your Confirmation at Wittenberg

Arranged by the Luther-Hotel!

You would like to dispense the planning of your confirmation celebration with the whole family visiting and remain relaxed throughout the day?

Confirmation festivities do not appear from nowhere; rather, they need to be well prepared and arranged for your friends and family to treasure them. The Events Team of Luther-Hotel is looking forward to preparing this celebration together with you and to arranging it according to your wishes! As a hotel run based on Christian principles, we care about the Christian milestones in the lives of young people in particular. It is our pleasure to attend you and be of assistance to you as a family and, of course, the confirmee on this very special day.

Our rooms and premises provide sufficient space for residing and celebrating with the whole extended family. For those relatives coming from far away, our 159 hotel rooms are available. At the restaurant, our chef de cuisine Christian Hirsch will prepare a menu or buffet according to your individual wishes. You can choose between enjoying your meal at our courtyard garden to the sounds of the church bells' ringing or at our restaurant. Please call us and make an individual viewing appointment, which we gladly offer in combination with a rehearsal dinner at our restaurant.

Luther-Hotel Wittenberg